All MeeSeva Details in One Place
Circulars and Government Orders Related to Mee Seva
  1.  IT&C Department - e-Governance – Electronic Signatures, Electronic Delivery of Services and State Government Role – ‘Electronic Delivery of Services Rules’ – Notification - Orders – Issued.
  2.  IT&C Department – e-Enabled delivery of various Government Statutory services only through ‘Mee Seva’ project to the citizens of Andhra Pradesh shall not be delivered in parallel or by any other means – Orders - issued.
  3.  Induction of Banks for conduct of State Government Business – Handling of Tax Business – Entrustment of collection of all Government Revenues of Excise, Transport and Registration & Stamps Department in addition to Commercial Taxes/VAT and refunds, through physical and epayment mode in all divisions of the State of Government of Andhra Pradesh in relaxation of S.R. 27 under T.R.16 of A.P. Treasury Code Volume-I – Orders – Issued.
  4.  Action Plan for District Administration to launch Meeseva
  5.  Constitutions of District Meeseva Resource Team
  6.  Requesting JCs to designate one Dy. Collector at the District level as In-charge for Mee Seva project
  7.  Statutory services shall be delivered only through Mee Seva
  8.  Certificates or documents issued by Mee Seva are equivalent to ink signed
  9.  Officials Transfer Protocol in MEESEVA
  10.  Protocol to handle transfers or suspension or leaves etc on Mee Seva
  11.  MeeSeva Secy IT&C Letter
  12.  Guideline & specifications for MeeSeva
  13.  Color specifications for MeeSeva
  14.   Designating Joint Collectors of all the Districts as Additional Directors
  15.  Meeseva IT&C Dt: 07-03-2012